Placemats, Prints and Posters

Placemats, Prints and Posters

The Art of Patricia Fontaine

Visitors to the Turquoise Room are always surprised to find our exquisite placemats by Patricia Fontaine.  Thes are available as prints, posters and Giclee plaemats. Unique gift ideas, whether you've visited our romantic restaurant in La Posada or not, these southwestern art pieces are sure to delight you and yours.

The Giclee placemats are made in Arizona. They are high resolution prints of Patricia’s original paintings which are then transferred via a 12 color Giclee printer to virgin cotton canvas. After that it is stretched over and glued to a 12” x 9” MDF board. It is stapled and then sealed with three coats of polyurethane. The back of the placemat is finished with a rubberized non slip material. They are perfect for dinner service or a wall decoration. In case you are concerned about using them for dinner parties. Remember we serve hundreds of meals a week on each placemat.

This is the finest print reproduction possible. All are printed and assembled here in Arizona by Faville Photo in Mesa.

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Turquoise Room Table Placemats

Choose from six original placemats created by Patricia Fontaine.
Click image to view larger version. $80.00 each, plus shipping.

Individual Prints

$10.00 each, plus shipping


$25.00 each, plus shipping
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$25.00 USD