Arizona Republic April 2011

Chef John Sharpe, in Winslow, may be Southwest’s best

“Sharpe has been nominated by the James Beard Foundation as one of the best chefs in the country. He’s named alongside chefs in high-dollar restaurants in high-dollar cities, searing or foaming or saucing their picture-perfect dishes with pricey foodstuffs…”


Condé Nast :

2009 “Best of Food” Award – 96.9 Rating

“With a menu of Southwestern cuisine based on Navajo and Hopi crops, the Turquoise Room is ‘a true oasis in the desert.’ ‘Staff are hands-on, and it shows.’”

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Arizona Highways :

Best 25 Restaurants in Arizona

“…Mary Jane Colter designed the private dining car for the Super Chief, a train that ran from Chicago to L.A. She dubbed the dining car The Turquoise Room, and the modern version of the restaurant, opened in 2000, replicated many of the original accents – green brocade booths and leather-and-wood chairs, to name a few. Just as elegant is The Turquoise Room’s menu. It features a variety of entrees that incorporate fresh ingredients flown in from as far away as Ninilchik, Alask, as well as plenty of homegrown items, among them piki bread made by local Hopi women.’” :

There’s More to Winslow, Arizona than a Corner

“The Turquiose Room, separately owned by Chef John and Patricia Sharpe, yet a very integral part of La Posada was another very pleasant surprise. Visitors can smell special food being cooked in the kitchen but we were unprepared for how special the dining experience might be.”

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Arizona Highways:

Getaway: Winslow Rennaissance

“Why go to Winslow? Just ask La Posada’s stream of visitors, which include Route 66 fans, railroad aficionados, historians, aspiring architects, Mary Colter fans and tourists heading to or from Grand Canyon or Indian lands. On the night of my visit, 13 black-booted, leather-clad Korean motorcyclists en route from Chicago to Los Angeles strode into the hotel’s Turquoise Room, where gourmet chef John Sharpe offers his contemporary Southwestern cuisine.”

“That’s reason enough for me to go back to Winslow.”



Arizona Republic (AZ Central):

Culinary Outposts | May 16, 2006

“When you make your reservation, ask for a window table….maybe you’ll see a train whooshing past, whistle screaming, headed who knows where into the night. Wherever it is, it can’t be any better than here. ”

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High Country News :

For this English Chef, Home is the Colorado Plateau | October 31, 2005

“On Sunday mornings, all summer long, you can find chef John Sharpe at the Flagstaff Community Market, moving among the outdoor produce stalls with the practiced intensity of a hardcore bargain hunter at an outlet mall.”

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NM Gastronome :

“The Turquoise Room is indeed a fabulous restaurant, viewed by experts as one of the very best in the Four Corners region. ”

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Indian Country Today :

The Shephard and the Chef | November 1, 2005

“The eatery caters to locals, tourists traveling nearby Route 66 and – because Sharpe used to own successful Los Angeles eateries – the occasional Hollywood celebrity. Recent sightings include Harrison Ford, who was passing by in his private plane and put down at the local airport so he could stop in for some of Sharpe’s fare.”


New York Times:

In Arizona, a Railway Town Rediscovers a Touch of Past Glory | February 9, 2007

“On a night in December, La Posada’s restaurant, the Turquoise Room, had sprays of orchids on its leather-topped tables and was serving Southwestern hummus and a cassoulet with tender churro lamb raised on Navajo lands.”

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Renewing the Countryside :

Celebrating Southwest Flavors

“The ever-changing menu at the Turquoise Room has been widely praised in venues ranging from NBC’s Travel Café to Slow Food USA’s Snail newsletter to Gourmet magazine. Chef John Sharpe, who spent a quarter-century bringing nouvelle cuisine and New Southwestern Style to restaurants in southern California, left metro L.A. behind in the fall of 1999 to come to Winslow. His big-city colleagues laughed at the idea that he would find a sizeable constituency for his culinary innovations in Winslow. Since he opened the restaurant in 2000, though, John has been dishing out about a thousand meals a week. A number of his fans regularly drive 100 to 180 miles roundtrip just to partake of his latest experiment with regional flavors.”

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Seasonal Chef :

Arizona Desert Yields Bounty of Native Ingredients | September 2005

“‘…what is important is to make people aware that there is a whole plethora of food here in the Arizona desert, stuff that is really a part of the tradition of this land: the blue corn, the squashes, tepary beans, the sumac, the wild sage. All of these things have been here for thousands of years. For people who are really interested in food history, the people I serve, travelers who come here from all over the world, they’re absolutely fascinated.’”

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